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COP27 EngazaatXAzelio Panel Discussion

A panel discussion featuring Engazaat, hosted by Azelio at COP27, Week-2

Can small-and-medium farmers in Egypt and Saharan-Africa Feed the World?

A solar-for-water-farmer-centric approach by #engazaat


A panel event hosted by Azelio, and Engazaat at COP27, held on 15th of November, 2022, at the blue-zone, Swedish pavilion.


A synopsis of the panel:

What could be the business scale, socio-economic, and environmental impact if we offload small farmers from “energy and water utilities CAPEX” and deliver clean energy and water “as-a-service” on “Buy Now, Pay Later – (BNPL) basis?

Join our 360 degrees panel-discussion on Water/Energy/Food nexus, as we spotlight our on-ground USD 17 million “SAVE projects” investments in solar-for-water agri-tech developmets by Engazaat; the lead solar and water developer and operator, along with our multilateral investment and technology partners from Egypt, Norway, Sweden, France, and China.


Watch a snippet of the event, as our CEO Muhmmad El Demerdash sets the stage and explains the context of the project and it's way forward.


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